Monday, 1 January 2018

How I made my custom-coloured keyboards

For some time, I've seen many people have these really wicked pastel-coloured keyboards usually representing the colours on the transgender tri-colour. I decided that after fully coming-out that I'd change my keyboard at home and at work to reflect that--other people have these fancy LED Cherry MX-type keyboards so I figured why not.

Here's the end result of what I ended up building:

The top keyboard I bought brand new from Amazon for $77 CAD and the bottom one is a Coolermaster CM Storm which I have had for a few years for use at home. Both make use of Cherry MX switches meaning that swapping the keycaps was really straightforward!

These two links can be used to get the correct colour keycaps if you happen to like pink and blue in pastel tones:

I got the keyboard and the keycaps within a few weeks (keyboard came the next day) but any Cherry MX keyboard of your liking will suffice.


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