Monday, 8 July 2013

Docker... why are you doing things this way?

So Docker went and posted this on their website providing instructions on how to install their desktop software:

root@host:~# curl | sh

What does the script do besides running blindly as root? Well if we take a look at their git repository, we can find this file and see inside:

# Add an user called docker and set its password as docker
RUN useradd -m -d /home/docker -p aaOLN9pfuDGV. docker
RUN sed -Ei 's/adm:x:4:/docker:x:4:docker/' /etc/group


Since Docker doesn't provide an easy method for me to contact them, I've opened a case on this matter in their Github and I guess will wait and see what the response will be.


  1. Hi Colin,

    I really appreciate your concerns. Regarding the this part, I have updated the blog post with another way of installing it. And about the second one, I will add a dynamic password generation for each time you run the container. This will be with the next soon release.


  2. Hi Colin,

    The new version covers your concerns! Please find the information on the links below:

    Thanks for your feedback!