Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Don't blame me...

The Greens for all they stand for have some anti-fact nut jobs in their list of candidates. Some of their candidates have a stance on radio transmissions that are completely anti-science.

Libertarianism in the form that most people practice these days is hypocrisy at its finest. Government has a role to play in our every day lives regardless of whether or not you like it.

No idea who the independent guy is in my riding, and as a result I couldn't throw my support behind him as I have no idea what he stands for. I should have taken a look into this I guess.

Don't think anyone needs to know about my love and appreciation for the Conservatives. John Cummins is a leader that doesn't understand that he barely has support in his own party.

So what option was left? The leftovers appear to be the lesser of all evils with one being less evil than the other I guess.

I voted for Kodos.

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